How important sustainable finance is within your organisation?

In the framework of the Luxembourg Sustainable Investment Week promoted by LuxFLAG and held between October 22nd and 24th, we hosted the session: Role of Leadership in promoting sustainability.

Read the interview to our Head of Portfolio Management about how our Group is prepared to meet clients and partners’ needs with regards to Sustainable Finance.

“Social consciousness of sustainability issues is rising and applying pressure to business practices. Public opinion and new regulations will make sustainability considerations unavoidable for business and finance. Reason why sustainability should be at the forefront of finance.

Placing ESG considerations at the heart of an organization is an inevitable step towards more sustainable growth and better performance. Consistently integrating ESG considerations into business decisions is not only an indicator of good business, as shown by recent studies, but a global necessity.

The fact is that FIA A.M., part of FARAD Group, has realized at a very early stage that Sustainable finance was key to a growing future. This value lies within the DNA of FIA A.M, as indicated by being one of the only two certified B-Corp companies in Luxemburg, validating that it has long integrated sustainability into its culture and practices, whether at the level of the company itself, its sustainable investment offering or its impact on the community.

Asset managers like FIA A.M., who have a specific focus on Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI), have a keen interest in demonstrating the transparency and accountability of their investment process linked to ESG criteria on 100% of their portfolios.

Our selection of Best of SRI funds demonstrate this transparency on the methodological approach.

Together with our ESG investment strategy, the implementation of strong governance and measurement in detailed reporting to investors allowed our funds to obtain the LuxFLAG ESG label, an internationally recognized label promoted by the Luxemburg Labelling Agency LuxFLAG.”

Charles Lamoulen,

Head of Portfolio Management, FIA Asset Management

Check out the entire article published on Delano November/December edition 2019