We have the technical expertise to support Family Offices in the management of their client’s assets, in particular by grouping the different instruments the clients could be invested as bank accounts, insurance policies, art, real estate, trust, dedicated funds etc.

Our Service facilitates the management and monitoring of all assets (in terms of performance but also exposure to risks) of families whose complexity and diversification require more specific skills than those of a traditional management service. Our business can meet the requirements of the clientele both in wealth management (which includes asset management, asset transfer and protection, estate and tax strategy) and risk management (analysis and reporting). risk management of heritage, search for instruments to guarantee the safety of the family and the company).

Our added value lies in our ability to provide an independent, specialized and multicultural service that provides a consolidated vision and administration of wealth, supported by shared cost management.

  • Fortune report: We support in the analysis and consolidation of the family’s assets.
  • Wealth Management: Asset Management, heritage protection, estate and tax planning
  • Risk Management: Assets’ analysis and risk management, actions to ensure the safety of the family and the company.