Supported by more than a decade experience in active asset management, we strive to become a partner of reference for our institutional clients by offering them innovative and diversified solutions combined with an outstanding ability to analyze major market situations. In particular, we work in open architecture with numerous counterparts among which: banks, insurance companies, independent financial advisors, Family Offices and other institutional clients such as pension funds or fiduciaries.

Long-standing expertise in active portfolio management
A proprietary investment process, database and integrated algorithms and quantitative analysis systems for asset allocation and selection constitute our added value. Each of these pillars is developed, structured and optimized by our investment team and aims at pursuing consistent excess performance over time versus peer groups and market benchmarks, allowing a high degree of flexibility.
Independence and transparency with a flexible approach
By benefiting from an award-winning proprietary investment process our clients are supported at any time by a qualified and dedicated investment team. Our independence allows us to operate in open architecture, thus selecting the best investment solutions in a determined market momentum in order to better match our client’s risk appetite.
A broad investment universe
By drawing strength from our proprietary database for asset allocation and selection we are able to reach a very large investment universe with diversified solutions in terms of strategies, asset classes and geographical areas. This essential added value allows us to offer a complete set of investment strategies defined in a precise market momentum by quantitative proprietary tools.
High-quality service and a prompt responsiveness to market changes
The know-how of our investment team, the expertise and the quality of the cutting-edge models we have developed over the years allow us to be on a very high quantitative level compared to competitors who rely on external provided databases or knowledge. The presence of an in-house investment committee represents a crucial added value in terms of ability to grasp a specific market momentum and to rapidly adjust the portfolio composition in advance, while aiming at foreseeing future market trends.
Innovative solutions that meet your needs
Offering increasingly advanced solutions in terms of technological innovation and customisation is paramount at FIA. Our superior insights mingled with the choice of a flexible strategy that combines a more traditional approach, based on the analysis of financial indicators, with a quantitative one in line with the Fintech trends, are key aspects of the win-win relation we strive to establish with our clients on a daily basis.
A wide range of investment strategies