In February 2013, FIA Asset Management SA signed the ICMA (International Capital Market Association) Private Wealth Management Charter of Quality. The Chart brings together in a single document the guiding principles of best practice adopted by the cross-border private banking industry.
The Charter is designed to be consistent with relevant regulation at both the EU and national level, and to complement principles such as the Wolfsberg Principles on anti-money laundering and the global recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force.

The Charter sets out the three following guiding principles:

  1. Integrity in business relations with clients, as well as with partners and competitors; of markets, financial products and services; of staff.
  2. Transparency towards clients and regarding the regulatory environment
  3. Professionalism regarding the primacy of clients’ legitimate interests and efficiency. This includes respect for privacy and professional discretion, management of conflicts of interest, best execution of instructions, treatment of clients’ complaints.

By implementing the Chart of Quality FIA commits to respect the principles of integrity, transparency and professionalism and the common standards of quality, compliance and good market practice.

The adoption engages not only the Board of Directors and the Senior Management but any single employee ensuring FIA as a company is always honouring its commitment.