FIA Asset Management awarded the Wealth Management Firm of the Year 2016 prize


15th November 2016, Luxembourg – FIA Asset Management has been awarded the Wealth Management Firm of the year prize at the Luxembourg Finance Summit 2016. The event celebrates the excellence in the Luxembourg financial sector and gathers each year more than 300 financial professionals.

The award rewards the firm’s proficiency in all aspects of wealth management, including, the policies, investment and portfolio diversification strategies, services and client reporting that makes it a trusted partner.

Over the last four years, FIA’s Asset Management Team has been awarded several times for its performance achievements, confirming both the expertise and the efficiency of the portfolio management style, and the continuity of results over time. Through an open management structure model and a flexible approach, FIA offers its clients customizable investment solutions. In order to face the ever changing landscape of financial markets, the company adopts a hybrid strategy: on one hand a more traditional approach, based on analysis of financial indicators carried out by the Investment Team. On the other hand, FIA implements a high-tech approach, making it an avant-garde company in line with the Fintech trend.

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The core values that make FIA a trusted wealth management firm are:

Independence: FIA’s ownership structure ensures its total independence from the influence of third parties or conflicts of interest.
Professionalism: Asset management operations encompass a variety of investment strategies based on traditional and innovative products.
Strength: FIA’s strength lies in the completeness of the service it delivers. Thanks to the synergies created with the other member companies of FARAD Group, FIA is backed by the professional support and expertise of each division and is able to grant an extensive set of services that goes beyond the mere asset management.
Dedication: Constant commitment to research and development. FIA’s Team strives to deliver the best in terms of a tailor-made service and performance excellence.
Transparency: The company values the importance of building a solid relationship with clients based on transparency, for which FIA regularly provides in-depth reports on its activities.



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