LuxFLAG ESG label confirmed to FIA A.M. Best of SRI funds

News Flash

Luxembourg, December 2019

LuxFLAG, the Luxembourg Finance Labeling Association once again confirms the ESG Label to SELECTRA Best of SRI Bonds fund and SELECTRA Best of SRI Balanced fund.

The funds, which are directly managed by FIA Asset Management, the ESG-driven and award-winning asset management company part of FARAD Group, invest in a portfolio focused on the best UCITS SRI funds marketed in Europe which are identified by “PureSRI”, a proprietary database of pure* SRI funds that has been created with the ultimate goal of mapping the European SRI Funds Industry.

Underlying assets are selected on the basis of an internally developed algorithm that maximizes the performance whilst minimizing volatility.

Best of SRI funds were among the first to receive the LuxFLAG ESG label, granted to those funds incorporating ESG criteria throughout their investment process, and to be listed on LGX- Luxembourg Green Exchange, the first global green exchange promoted by LuxSE.

The funds are also available on Allfunds platform.

*We consider pure SRI funds those funds including strict ESG criteria in their investment strategies, not limited to exclusion.

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